Each item is sent to our recycling facility in Melbourne and evaluated if it can be re-used or if it needs to be recycled.
Items deemed re-usable will be made available to various community clubs, groups, institutions and
organisations, alleviating the costs of purchasing new equipment.  Items destined for recycling will be granulated into 5mm pieces and used in the production of soft fall matting.

No. All items and materials are processed locally in Australia.

At present Game On Recycling collects and recycles tennis balls. In the coming months the range of sporting equipment we’ll be able to handle will include soccer balls, basketballs as well as winter sports equipment. We’ll be researching additional recycling options for winter sports equipment and tennis racquets.

About Game On Recycling

Game On Recycling is funded by ANZRP, Wilson Sporting Goods Co and a governmental grant from the National Product Stewardship Investment Fund.

Yes, you can. Register here if you are interested in becoming a collection partner.

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Modern tennis balls are made of a hollow rubber core, covered in a wool or nylon shell which is known as the nap. Pressurised air inside the rubber core makes the ball bounce.

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