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Sport related waste is a problem

We pride ourselves on being a sporting nation. Large volumes of sporting equipment are required each year to support our sporting passions, including an estimated 10 million tennis balls, 2 million basketballs, over a 1000 tons of ski equipment, and more. Yup, that’s a lot!

Every year old and lonely sporting goods are discarded into the waste stream. This places unnecessary strain on Australia’s landfill sites, as these goods can be easily reused or recycled into new materials. Burying these unwanted sporting goods is neither responsible nor is it a sustainable solution.

Wouldn’t it be great if rather than ending in landfills, these goods contributed positively to our lives through the provision of a circular approach mitigating the generation of waste?

this breaks our hearts

We're Here to Change the Game

Game On Recycling is a pilot program that aims to create a national recycling scheme for sports equipment. That means rather than being thrown into landfills, tennis balls, inflates (basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, etc) and snowsports equipment will be recycled.

Benefits of a sustainable approach to managing sporting goods include: reduction in the size of landfills, conserving natural resources, generating employment opportunities in the recycling sector and more.


Free Recycling Solutions

We provide free recycling solutions so that you can help collect the sporting equipment at your location. Today, we offer recycling solutions for all sporting equipment such as, tennis balls, basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls and snowsports etc.

Easy Collection

Organisations that register to become an onging collection point will receive a collection unit and cardboard boxes. Each cardboard box comes with a prepaid Australia Post Label, to allow for free shipping to our recycling facility.

Local sorting and recycling

Collected sporting equipment will make their way to a Melbourne facility. They will be sorted between what can be re-used, and what should be recycled. Items that are recycled will be sent to local manufacturers In the production of floor covering used in sporting grounds.

Sound exciting?


Do you have a club or organisation that would like to collect sport waste? Visit our "Join as a Partner" page to register.

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Game On Recycling is a combined effort by Wilson Sporting Goods Co. and Australia New Zealand Recycling Platform.

Together, we have a passion for sports, well-being, and our beautiful (and incredibly interesting) playground. Sports has always been a way for us to unite and we believe that the sporting industry and community can become groundbreaking leaders in building a circular economy, and creating a future to be proud of.